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The Boondoggler's Bible

$ 14 USD

Fighting “city hall” is no fun. If you’ve ever had a legal encounter with a government agency—be it city, county, state or federal—you know how frustrating bureaucratic red tape can be. You can’t change city hall, whether you are trying to do business with it or are employed by it, but you can change your attitude. A positive attitude can stave off broken relationships, premature stroke or even death due to unnecessary agency-induced frustration. This little book is the result of my own survival technique, and I hope it helps you win against city hall in your own case. This is a general overall look at standard operating delay tactics known as boondoggles, so you must creatively adapt your own approach to fit your own problems and situation. Boondoggles are not confined to city hall. Such stall-and-delay techniques are operable on all levels of society, including in one’s personal family life. They are summarized by the old advice given by experts on etiquette about answering ticklish questions: Don’t say yes; don’t say no; say maybe—and then never give a final answer. Or, to put it more bluntly: Keep them waiting until they go broke, give up, move on, lose interest, or die. Whether you win money is not the point; coming out of your ordeal with a sense of humor, good will and health are paramount. So, since there’s a strong chance you, too, are the victim of boondoggling, or will be in the future, let’s get started. Enjoy the challenge. It could save your sanity and life, just as it did mine. The secret is to practice this old adage: If you can’t fight them, join them. In other words, learn as much as you can about the Boondoggle Game and then use that knowledge to your own advantage. To be or not to be a Boondoggler? That is the question!

This fun book by Wanda Sue Parrott just might help you win your fight with City Hall!

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Golden Words

$ 15.00 USD

Now Available!

GOLDEN WORDS, the 19th volume in the Senior Poet Laureate series sponsored and produced by Wanda Sue Parrott.

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Golden Words (20th edition - 2013)

$ 15 USD

This 20th edition (21st Anniversary) features the 2013 Senior Poets Laureate Poetry Competition Winners from across the country, including Biographical Sketches of Winners and Names of First-Round Finalists.

The 21st Annual Search for a National Senior Poet Laureate and Honor Scroll winner was sponsored by Amy Kitchener's Angels Without Wings Fdn., Monterey, California USA.

This is the final edition of GOLDEN WORDS as produced by the creator and sponsor, Amy Kitchener's Angels Without Wings Fdn.

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Gifts of the Great Spirit - Volume IV - LEGENDS

$ 13.00 USD

This edition of Gifts of the Great Spirit features the winners of the 2013 White Buffalo Native American Poet Laureate poetry contest.

Contributors to the "Legends" Literary Challenge were asked to look at the Native American Indian silhouette (featured on the front cover) and ask themselves "Who is he? Where is he? What is he doing? When is it? Why? What is his message, if he has one?"

The result? Contributions of poetry, prose, and non-fiction, featured here in a unique format not found anywhere else.

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Gifts of the Great Spirit - Volume III

$ 15.00 USD

Traditionally, the dream catcher has been a Native American symbol for safety and protection. The dream catcher is a beautiful and artistic ornament featuring a circle, intricate webbing, and leather or feathers hanging from the circle. It was placed above one’s bed and legend says the webbing would catch the bad dreams and not allow them to disturb the dreamer sleeping beneath the dream catcher.

Focusing on positive, spiritual, and inspiring attributes of the Great Spirit, we challenge you to look at the dream catcher in a new light. The Dream Catcher of the White Buffalo as a symbol of what the Great Spirit can do for you.


Additionally, the winners in the 2012 White Buffalo Native American Poet Laureate poetry competition are featured, including the 2012 Native American Poet Laureate Neal "Badger Bob White" Whitman, and Buffalo Calf Award winners Dr. Charles A. Stone and Cindy Bechtold.


Join a growing tradition honoring the Great Spirit – be inspired by the Spirit of the White Buffalo in this unique collection of inspired writings!



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Gifts of the Great Spirit - Volume II

$ 15.00 USD

Gifts of the Great Spirit, Vol. II, is packed full of interesting ideas, thought-provoking questions, heart-mending answers, and a lot more each time you re-read it. We encourage you to read with an open mind and perceive what the Great Spirit may be saying to you through these words. Inspiration comes in many forms; we find offering the literary challenge invites the Creative Muse to awaken and ponder, what if….? What if it happened this way? What if I looked at it that way? The Great Spirit knows no boundaries to the creation unfolding beneath its power. Great Spirit Publishing is proud to work with the Amy Kitchener Fdn./Wanda Sue Parrott, with assistance by Yvonne Londres, to bring you these unique poems and stories from over 45 writers. We don’t intend to prove any of them; we don’t have to. The Great Spirit has spoken, and the reader will have to be the judge as to what he or she is willing to entertain in the realms of possibility.
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Gifts of the Great Spirit - Volume I

$ 15.00 USD

Tribute to the "Unknown Namesake," an unidentified elderly Native American woman captured on photo-film in 1910 by photographer Edward S. Curtis (1868-1952). Curtis traveled North America in the late 19th and early 20th centuries preserving the end of the age of free indigenous life through still photography, recordings of languages, and books. While her name remains a mystery to us, we identify with her through the Great Spirit that unites all and honor her as an individual and as a representative of a lost way of life. Thus, the goal of this work is preservation of Native American customs, beliefs, teachings, languages and other facts through the poetry, song lyrics, fiction, and non-fiction contained herein. Additionally, the 2010 White Buffalo Native American Poet Laureate Winner Dr. Carl B. Reed and two White Buffalo Calf Award winners, Barbara Youngblood Carr and Dr. Charles A. Stone, are featured for their 2010 winning contributions.

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MIND According to Logos

$ 14 USD

Now Available!

In 1980, Irv Rosenberg made his first contact with Wanda Sue Parrott, and they have been corresponding ever since. Irv says: “I owe Wanda my gratitude for having introduced me to her Dialogues with Logos that continued over the years. Information from ‘Logos’ has expanded and enriched my experience and knowledge in the fields of psychology, physics, and the metaphysical realms. Many others, such as Eileen Garrett and Jane Roberts, first had to go into a self-hypnotic trance and lose consciousness in order to allow a higher entity to speak through them, while they themselves were unaware of what was going on. In Wanda's case, she is completely alert while engaging in mental conversation with her Logos entity. She proposes intelligent questions and meaningful responses to the information Logos provides, so particular answers to questions that I, Irving, have submitted, are given an intelligent and often remarkable response.”

“Logos” says, “you and I are closer than you realize. I am like a being behind a door and you are like a being before the door. I am within, in communion with the Deep. You are outside, and cut off from communion with the Deep... "You may rest on this, and we shall proceed with discussion of particulars when you are again ready to knock, and the door will be opened, ask and you will receive, and as I have spoken to you, so may each seeker of light so receive when the child approaches the father (masculine) within and listens to the Voice, The Logos. "Many are called but few are chosen, for the simplest truth is: few choose to ask. Belabor yourself not with guilt and doubt, but rejoice, for you took the step. You knocked. Now, rest. Our body has work to be done."

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How to Build a Penny Pyramid

$ 15.00 USD

by Wanda Sue Parrott

Volume I in this Shortcuts to Success Series:

Seed Coins in a Nutshell

Based on John D. Rockefeller's money secrets (his secret prosperity system for planting one-cent seed coins and reaping $100 cash yields), Pythagorean geometry, and symbology of the Great Pyramid, this creative money management system is safe, easy, and legal. It never fails to work for those who work with it. It turns dull life into an adventure!

This book would make a great gift for any occasion! Find out how you can get five or more copies at $10 each! Send us an e-mail to request detailed information about how you can receive five copies at the special price of $10 each (including shipping and handling) - you will get an e-mail response with ordering and payment instructions (this is an exclusive GSP offer). For details, e-mail greatspiritpublishing@yahoo.com).

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How to Enter - and WIN - Poetry Contests

$ 15.00 USD

This compact book is bursting with tips and techniques to help you become an award-winning contestant in poetry contests. Includes grammar and formatting advice, poetry forms, examples, and more from award-winning poet, writer, and journalist Wanda Sue Parrott, sharing secrets gleaned from 50-years of writing and teaching-writing experience.

Perry Terrell, Editor/Owner of Conceit Magazine in San Francisco, CA, says, "Wanda Sue Parrott has captured every literary avenue available for writers to enter poetry contests with confidence of winning. This publication is of quality and a poetic creation that is both enjoyable and educational to read."

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Spirit Dancer

$ 15.00 USD

A Collection of Spirit-Inspired writings including articles and poetry created to celebrate the Spirit that Dances in All of Us. The following writers have contributed to this inspiring collection: Elizabeth Bottorff, Rev. J. Douglas Bottorff, The Late Clara R. Hawes, Lou Houston, Dwane Koppler, Joyce O’Neal, Wanda Sue Parrott, Ronald D. Phelps, D.C., Barbara Callahan Quin, The Late Aurora Rosci, Conetta Taylor, The Late Robert Taylor, and The Late Ben Tindall

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The Last Indian on the Trail of Tears

$ 15.00 USD

Revised Edition of Springfield Soliloquy – The Trail of Tears – Missouri: Introducing the Spirits of Five Osage Hunters and The Grand Father 




Wanda Sue Parrott believes this poem, which netted her $91,000, is the highest-paid single piece of poetry by any living poet throughout civilization's history, including Shakespeare. It is so controversial that the author, unable to get a literary review, threatened to sue city hall in order to gain publicity. She read the poem at literary conventions, in libraries, and on street corners.

Set in the heart of lands which temporarily housed various  Native  American  tribes  as they were pushed west during the land expansion of the early 1800s, this updated version of the book reveals for the first time how seven male Native Americans from different tribes appeared in spirit form and helped Wanda Sue Parrott build and win her matter.

This is a public-service pot boiler in which the antagonist is the home site where Cherokee Indians may have camped during the federally mandated relocation (genocide) of 1838-39, when the Trail of Tears passed through Missouri en route to the so-called "Nations" in Oklahoma. The appearance of an Unknown Indian poet's spirit, and Wanda Sue's revelation she had a Chickasaw ancestor, make this poetry book a living literary marker along the historic route on which Wanda Sue Parrott is known literally and literarily as "The Last Indian on The Trail of Tears." Her active one-woman stand against city hall, which began in August 2000, ended with acquisition of her house by the City of Springfield on February 2, 2009. Price includes shipping and handling.

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my little book of blessings and prayers

$ 15.00 USD

A resource to help you capture blessings and grace in your life, to record special prayers and thanksgivings. Room for two months-plus journaling.

Price includes shipping and handling; please allow two weeks for delivery after confirmed receipt of order.


A White Soaring Bird

$ 9.00 USD

Grandmother teaches the village children about life through stories. One story is about LittleCrow WalkingEagle who longed to soar high in the sky, but she was afraid. The Great Spirit, disguised as True Heart, spoke to her in a dream. Did LittleCrow WalkingEagle learn to release her fear? Did she ever learn to fly?
Price includes shipping and handling; please allow two weeks for delivery after confirmed receipt of order.

A Valentine for Carole

$ 9.00 USD

Carole Payne has led a life devoid of love, always standing outside, looking in at the love her heart yearned for. She watched others fall in love and follow their dreams, telling herself she was better off without loving relationships in her life. Then one night, Carole takes a journey to a place of magic - a place that will challenge her beliefs to the very core, but is it real or was it all a dream? Will it be enough to change her outlook on life and love forever? Will she be strong enough to face the truth about her own opinions and beliefs about love? Can she get past the hurt of the past and find her way to embrace love available to her now and in the future?
Please allow two weeks for delivery after confirmed receipt of order.

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The Stream of Well-Being Flows Through Me

$ 12.00 USD

Inspirations to help you get in the Flow of your Spiritual Good.

This beautiful full-color interior, full-size journal has plenty of space for you to write your affirmations and dreams as you reclaim your Wholeness in Spirit.

Price includes shipping and handling; please allow two weeks for delivery after confirmed receipt of order.


Appreciating Life Brings Peace and Happiness

$ 2.00 USD

Achieving more appreciation in your life will help you experience greater calm, more unconditional love, and an enriched sense of contentment in your life almost immediately. The prosperity and other blessings that come along the way are just icing on the cake!

e-book in PDF format


Keeping the Faith

$ 2.00 USD

People have to have hope. Hope is something that dwells within us - it cannot die. But it can be buried and ignored until you think it doesn't exist. Keep your faith alive by keeping hope alive in your life.

e-book in PDF format.


Where's Your Focus?

$ 2.00 USD

We can be a light unto each other - lighting the path for our brothers and sisters on Planet Earth when their own paths are darkened for a while. The only thing permanent in life is change and the more willingly we accept that - like the yielding branch of the willow tree to the breeze - the more gracefully we will be able to move through life.

e-book in PDF format.


101 Affirmations to Help Heal and Change Your Life Now!

$ 0.00 USD

Instructions on how to use affirmations to help heal and change your life - 101 pre-written affirmations you can use - or use them as guides to create your own.

This is a FREE resource - available upon request to the publisher at greatspiritpublishing @yahoo.com.


Healing for My Whole Life

$ 5.00 USD

Printable full-size e-book resource based upon six-week class/workshop presented by the author. Use the worksheets to identify where blocks may be in your life keeping you from your desires, and then rewrite your life by identifying what you want to experience.


my little book of blessings

$ 0.00 USD

This is a FREE e-book resource based upon the scriptures, quotes, and inspirations contained in the companion journal, my little book of blessings and prayers.

Available upon request to the publisher at greatspirit publishing@yahoo.com.


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